August 25: Succulents


On September 4, I will have successfully raised my baby puppy for four months. From an eight week old who didn’t know he had a tail, let alone a name… to the sharp little nugget that knows how to play dead and wait for a signal before going out the door, Sanford the golden-doodle has grown and matured exponentially in a short period time. I’m pretty proud of the accomplishment of getting through the summer with a small fluffy baby. It took a ton of self sacrifice, discipline and a boatload of patience, but he’s alive and healthy and I’ve made it out (mostly) sane.

In contrast, I bought a bowl of succulents about 8 weeks ago. The common knowledge is that its near impossible to kill these sturdy little plants. Give them some water and sunlight and let them do their thing. Plus, they’re so dang cute. Alas, I have managed to kill not one… not two… but almost all of the entire bowl. But, it’s not my fault, they’re just not as loud or needy¬†or whiny or fluffy, or cuddly or cute. It’s a lot harder to remember to care for something that doesn’t follow you around like a shadow… Or maybe if they pestered me when they needed water, they’d find their existence much more fruitful.

It’s funny because common advice says that you should have a fish or a plant to effectively¬†raise first before getting a puppy. Sounds like solid scaffolding of responsibility. But perhaps it takes more than just simplicity to drive me to succeed? Perhaps I need a little more inspiration.

All I know is that it seems pretty ironic that I’ve been able to keep a complex little puppy alive all summer, yet failed to take care of a sturdy little plant…


August 21: Sunshine and Freedom


Yesterday I took the GRE. No, I SURVIVED the GRE. There’s nothing that makes you feel more incompetent than a standardized test. Until you take said test and get back some pretty exciting scores. Nothing amazing, but certainly high enough to be accepted back to the University of Georgia to study for my PhD. And with the completion of that nightmare of a test, I am feeling more free and optimistic than I have in a long time…

It sure doesn’t hurt my upbeat mood that the weather is the definition of perfection today. Nashville has blessed us with a sunny, dry, breezy, 78 degree almost-Fall day and there’s not a soul in the city that can complain about it. And with my newfound freedom (take that, GRE study book and the hours I spent hunched over it), today has been nothing short of pleasant.

  • Relaxing morning in the office
  • Thai food for lunch
  • Walk around Radnor Lake
  • Patio-chillin’ at Frothy Monkey

And to top it all off, my fiance will be heading this way in just a few short hours. Long distance may be a challenge for many reasons, but nothing will every beat the feeling of anticipating of seeing your significant other after several days apart.

I think the reason I want to take inventory of all the great feelings and thoughts regarding today is to remind myself that even though today is great, tomorrow may not be, tonight might even not be. And while that sentiment may seem to be a super downer, I take it as a challenge to seize every little opportunity to acknowledge happy moments–to sit in them and revel in them–before they are gone.

This too shall pass. It’s always been a favorite phrase of mine: a reminder that the bad times will pass; but so too will the happy moments. There’s nothing we can do other than seize each one.