Although the sun was low in the sky, sitting just above the horizon, it was still warm enough to bring a tingle upon her skin and bright enough to make her large eyes squint as she pushed the miniature sized grocery cart through the parking lot.

The day was as beautiful as she was annoyed. The gorgeous sun drawing reds and oranges into the sky did little to improve her mood, as it simply reminded her of her life partner who, only an hour ago, said goodbye for another week. He was her beloved, her husband to-be in a mere five weeks; but he lived 201 miles away for the time being. Just close enough to see each other every weekend, but far enough away to make every goodbye a heart-wrenching affair.  The “drive safe”s, the “I had a great weekend with you”s, and the “see you in five days”s had grown old over the past three years of long-distance love and the beautiful sunset today simply reminded her of him and she wished more than anything that he wasn’t westward bound. The world just wasn’t as beautiful without his smile.

Her mood was made worse as she completed her least favorite chore–grocery shopping–by a man who had harassed her at the store. To be fair, she accidentally brought the attention on to herself as she tore apart the milk display. The expiration date was only one day different than their wedding date, and she wanted to see if there was a gallon that printed out the date she so longed for. To a passer-by, she looked absurd rummaging through the milk, and this prompted her heckler to make a passing comment… Which would have been fine if he had left it there and hadn’t followed her to the next isle asking, “Who are you?”

She peevishly peered at her chipped toenail polish, the heat rising quickly to her cheeks. If her partner had been here, she wouldn’t to deal with the unwanted attention of strange men. If only she could be like the other young couples in the store, walking side by side down the fluorescently lit aisles.

“I’m just trying to do my grocery shopping,” she quipped and carried on. The man chose at this point to leave her be.

Driving home in the glorious sunset lit sky, she blushed again, recalling his direct address and her feeble comment. She rolled her eyes as she casted away the thought and threw her hand out of the open window. Instantly, the sun’s rays caught on the diamond placed on her finger and flashed in a stunning performance of light and love. Her breath caught in her throat as she suppressed a dry sob.

She was tired of single-people mini grocery carts.

She was tired of chores alone.

She was tired of unwanted attention.

She was tired of sunsets alone.

She had found the person she wanted to share her days with and she had grown weary of waiting for those days to start. He was far away, for now, and she longed for the time in her life when she never had to watch the glory of the world’s sun setting along the horizon by her self again. To have a forever sunset watching, grocery-shopping, attention-giving partner was a blessing she could barely stand to wait for.

But as the sun dipped behind the line of vision and her car carried her to her empty apartment, she was reminded that time was passing without adieu and with that, only a matter of days before the “I-do’s.”

And how glorious that day’s sunset would be.


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