A girl grabs her backpack out of the car and realizes she doesn’t have her umbrella. The rain comes down sideways with the wind, so she fumbles to pull up her rain jacket’s snap-on hood. Her hair, getting soaked, whips in front of her face, making it hard to see. She pulls the hood down closer around her face, only to hear the dreading snapping sound, indicating her snap-on rain resistance hood is snapping off, leaving more of her face and hair unprotected. If only she hadn’t accidentally left her wallet at home…. She could have parked in the metered spot near her building rather than in furthest corner of the deployable parking lot in the middle of freaking no-where campus. Her key, balanced precariously in her hand that clamps down on the rain jacket hood, slips through her fingers. Taking this as a symbol of her day so far, she loses it, and screams “can a bus just hit me now and take me out of my misery” to no one in particular. The rain continues to fall sideways, but she’s already drenched in her own self-induced misery.
-End Scene-
(Sound dramatic? Welcome to my inner monologue)